Son of Enlir, Part VI

If you just stumbled upon this story and wonder, "What in J.K Rowling's derivations from Latin is going on," I recommend that you catch up on the story Here. Enjoy! On the following morning, the king relayed his conversation with Imirlesiy to Tyelran. In response, the physician’s son agreed to speak to the princess regarding … Continue reading Son of Enlir, Part VI


Son of Enlir, Part V

For those of you wondering what in Tolkien's pipe-smoke is going on, I've created a new page where you can read all of the previous installments of this story! Check it out Here. Before the king arrived, a young elven couple who had been tarrying in the public square, enjoying the atmosphere, beheld Imirlesiy. “The princess … Continue reading Son of Enlir, Part V

Announcing “A Warrior’s Death – Part I”!

Greetings all! A few weeks ago, I started work on a short story. The project began as an experiment in a more intense and gripping style of writing; it was only natural that I would choose to describe the horrors of battle in a secondary universe. In fantasy fiction, war is often portrayed as virtuous … Continue reading Announcing “A Warrior’s Death – Part I”!