A “Son” is Born…

(This has nothing to do with Christmas. Christmas must not begin until after All Saints' Day, otherwise known as Halloween.) Greetings all! I am thoroughly pleased to announce that I will be releasing Son of Enlir, a fantastical short story of mine, in bits and pieces throughout the coming weeks. Expect new installments every Sunday, … Continue reading A “Son” is Born…


Son of Enlir – Prologue

In the north of the world – Toslir, its peoples call it – three kingdoms lay upon the continent of Kulfenlir. The westernmost of these countries was Enlir, a land of rolling hills, clear lakes and rushing rivers. In the center lay the dense, sprawling forest of Kyadmon. Between these two stood the Naylkrin Mountains, … Continue reading Son of Enlir – Prologue

Natilyè Aestazhre, Part Three

Before reading this prose excerpt, I highly recommend that you read its two predecessors: Part One  and Part Two. Then Yujannyè knelt down before the left-hand table. “You may – may pray with me, if you wish,” the priestess offered. The girl nodded and bowed herself in similar fashion upon the cool plank flooring. Yujannyè rested … Continue reading Natilyè Aestazhre, Part Three

“Men of War, Part Two” Is Available for Free Reading!

Greetings all! The intense, militaristic epic fantasy excerpt that is "Men of War, Part Two" has been released. (If you'd like to catch up on the story, check out the Prologue Here, and the first installment Here.) For "Men of War, Part Two," click Here. I hope you all have enjoyed this cycle of prose fragments! I've finally … Continue reading “Men of War, Part Two” Is Available for Free Reading!