Watcher of the Heavens, Part Two

Link to Part One: My family’s home backed up to a steep, but not particularly tall, hill. A few yards from the base of the modest mount was a tributary of the river I had followed out to the lake. I had diverged from the main river, letting the stream guide me home. Winded, I … Continue reading Watcher of the Heavens, Part Two


Watcher of the Heavens, Part One

The sky's star-strewn expanse was deep blue two hours prior to midnight. Gnarled, crooked trees dotted the riverbank, extending their limbs (which were beset with bushy clusters of many-pointed leaves) out over the water. I sprinted, leapt, and ducked lithely as I traversed the length of the stream’s border. Ahead, the river emptied its liquid … Continue reading Watcher of the Heavens, Part One


In the early-morning hours, well before sunrise, Nathessa found herself standing in a garden. The elves, her people, often construct elaborate environments within their dreams; and she assumed that her surroundings were only illusions fabricated by her lively mind. But the pleasure-grounds seemed vaguely foreign to her. She proceeded to inspect the garden leisurely, stopping … Continue reading Seeress

The Common Wonder of a Pond

   Towering trees stood nearby, casting shadows, even in the noon sun, upon the reeds just within the waters. Though green and beige by nature, the plants by the pond’s shore took on a hue of dull bronze. Several rose-red dragonflies hovered about the reeds. The sun’s light penetrated regions of water’s surface which were … Continue reading The Common Wonder of a Pond